Welcome to our new website. 2

The Monks and Nuns working on the website development.

The Monks and Nuns working on the website development.

Dear all readers,


Welcome to our new website, we are still currently doing ongoing work and developing our website, so please injoy watching it grow :)!


With much metta,


Sayalay Nandamala


College of Global Peace Administrator

Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website.

  • Richard Pe Win

    The Sayadaw U Jotika from Mahamyaing monastery? I am burmese from England and interested to find English spoken burmese monks to propagate the teaching of dharma to non burmese lay people.

    With Metta,

    Richard Pe Win

    • Sayalay Nandamala Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Apologese for the late reply.
      I am the former Sayalay Nandamala seen in the photos with the Sayadaw U Jotika.
      Now living in Melbourne Australia, after returning and then disrobing, however i am still working on the administration of the website.
      If you were interested to find well speaking English, Myanmar Monks to help propagate the teachings of the Dhamma to Non Burmese lay people, would this be in England where you are?

      This certainly could be possible, primarily, if the finances of the cost of bringing these monks such as Sayadaw U Jotika were to be available. Costs involved would be airfare, visa, transport and accommodation would need to be provided and without a doubt, Teacher monks and Sayadaw U Jotika would be most willing to travel to come and help propagate the teachings of the Buddha to non Myanmar lay people.

      I could communicate to Sayadaw U Jotika should you have any further ideas or possibilities, please do let me know.

      With much metta,

      Nobuko (formerly Sayalay Nandamala)