Welfare of Community

Oo Yin Monastary strives to work towards the welfare of the community.
During the Wasso season (rainy season) of 2015, there were again floods in the low lying delta regions of Ayerawaddi, where many villages and maynamr people were left displaced.

A group of teacher monks and Novices from Oo Yin were sent out to these village areas, with supplies of water, rice and a various food donations.
Sayadaw U Jotika creates awareness and sets himself as an example for his Sangha, not only working by towards humanitarian projects such as flood relief efforts, giving dana at local schools in poor villages, but also in a much wider perspective in the creating of harmony between all religious groups.

Sayadaw engages in attending Talks with the Sangha Mahanayaka Committee to discuss items of religious welfare, and to talks about Peace between religions.

In May 2015, Sayadaw U Jotika was invited to the Nobel Peace Centre, where he received a World Peace Award.
Sayadaw has attended Interfaith Religious conferences, meetings with representatives of various religions in Washington and Boston, Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar.