About Us

Oo Yin Pariyatti Monestary was established 25 years ago.

This year in 2015, the 25th Anniversary of Oo Yin Monestary was celebrated on the 30th May.

The rice paddies and Yedagon Mountains east of Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery..

The tranquil and lush green Yedagon Mountains and traditional rice paddy fields , a short walk away, east of Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery.

Oo Yin Monastery is located 5 miles East of Mandalay Central Downtown City. Situated in the peaceful, tranquil, natural environment settings at the foot of lush green Yankin Hill forest mountain. The monastery is surrounded by the vast richness of the green Yedagon mountain ranges and between quaint traditional green rice paddies of Yankin Hill and Patheinji.

The total population of Oo Yin Monestary is over 450 sangha ordained Monks, Sayalays and Novice Monks.

In total, there are

  •  155 fully ordained Bhikkhus,
  •  277 Sameneras (Novice Monks) Koyins,
  •  5 Nuns Sayalays,
  •  22 Teachers


International Institute of Abhidhamma, Mandalay Campus

Oo Yin Monastery is involved with the International Institute of Abhidhamma, a nationally recognized Abhidhamma studies from Level I, II, III, to graduating to a B.A. (Abhidhamma).

The main campus of International Institute of Abhidhamma is located in Yangon, and Oo Yin Pariyatti Monastery is the location for the Mandalay Campus.

There are classes held for a period of months with an examination held every February for all students.

Global Peace College & Global Peace University    

The College of Global Peace building, newly opened this year in 2015.

The College of Global Peace building, newly opened this year in 2015.

At the beginning of August this year, Oo Yin Monastery opened the Global Peace College, which offers a Diploma In English, consisting of subjects of English Grammar, Reading, Speaking and Abhidhamma all taught in English. There are over 130 students attending, a mix of Laypeople and ordained monks and nuns.


For the future, at the Global Peace University, Sayadaw U Jotika has the idea surrounding the teaching of interfaith or religious harmony subjects, between all Buddhists, Muslims, Christian, Hindu and other religious groups.