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3 thoughts on “In class with Sayadaw

  • Deepak Chhabriya

    My heart felt salutations to this wonderul Sayadaw. I read his book ” Map of the Journey” and so thrilled to read it. Filled with invalable jewels. He is a great inspiration and I bow down to him three times. I am extremely grateful to you dearest Sayadaw. May you be a shining star in the Buddha Sasana and enlighten our lifes with Dhamma.

    • Nobuko Nakano

      Hi Deepak,

      This Sayadaw U Jotika is different to the author who you’re referring to.

      I’ve also read some of his books, “Snow in the Summer, and Map of the Journey, ” as well. They’re wonderful.
      I’ve heard the author, U Jotika is more often in retreat, and not sure whether he still receives visitors, and I’m not sure where in Myanmar he is located atm.

      Maybe you could try to obtain further information from the guys at Burmadhamma.org?

      With much metta,


    Namo Arihato,

    My name is Prithvi Shah and I am looking for the contract information of Sayadaw U Jotika – who is the author of ‘A Map of the Journey’. This book has made a tremendous change in my life.
    I see that Sayadaw U Jotika is in your monastery too. I wonder if the two persons are the same?

    Any suggestions you have on how I can reach Sayadaw U Jotika (his contact information – phone, email or nagging address) are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    Much Metta!!